Your client always comes first with Tire Hotel

Partnership has never been easier! Store your tires with Tire Hotel and you'll never have to worry about tire loss or damage!

About Tire Hotel

When you need a place to store your seasonal tires, there is no better place than the Tire Hotel!

We are a team of automotive and technology enthusiasts committed to providing our dealer partners with best-in-class tire storage solutions.

Our 151.000 sq ft facility meets all fire and safety regulations and building codes.

Our warehouse is fully insured, temperature controlled and equipped with video surveillance.
Tire Hotel offers scheduled delivery 6 days a week, within 24-hours of your requested during the peak session and within 48-hours during the rest of the year. Our delivery is always on time, everytime!

Benefits of Using Tire Hotel

Low cost client retention strategy.

Zero start-up cost.

Minimize clutter in your shop.

Maximize client retention by offering tire storage solutions beyond your facilities’ physical capacity.

Maximize profits by guaranteeing your client’s vehicle is on a hoist twice a year.

Tires stored in secure, fully licensed and insured, climate controlled environment, that was constructed purposely to operate efficiently maximum capacity.

State of the Art Inventory Control System to track each set of tires when it first arrives at Tire Hotel from put away-s, picking, staging, loading and to delivery.

Ease of use – fully digital experience.

Knowledgeable and experienced loyalty centre to trouble shoot and ensure a seamless experience.

Capable of integrating with most customer's inhouse computer system.

151,000 square feet warehouse.Equipped with alarm system for fire and safety regulations as well as video survellience to protect your customer's products.

How It Works


Step 2:

Schedule tire pick up on-line. Print labels and affix to tires.


Step 1:

Become a partner.


Step 3:

A Tire Hotel representative will inspect the tires at the time of pick-up. Tires are then delivered to the Hotel where they will be slotted for vertical storage in a climate controlled warehouse (to help minimize damage to wheels and rims as well as reduce stress  and distortion) with security, employee safety, and fire protection.


Step 4:

Recall your client’s tires anytime by scheduling a tire return conveniently on-line.  During peak season, recalled tires are returned within 24-hours of the request, and within 48-hours during off-peak season. Tire Hotel can accommodate same day/rush requests.


Step 5:

A Tire Hotel representative will drop off the tires at your service center 6 days a week during peak tire season and 5 days a week during off-peak season.

Get your tires away from it all. Trust the tire storage experts!