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When the weather turns cold, and the roads are icy, winter tires are a great help in keeping you and your family safe on the roads this winter.

Winter tires are designed to tackle the harsh cold weather, and the unsavourable driving conditions it can create.

As Canada's original full-service tire storage centre, Tire Hotel offers safe and easy storage of your off-season tires. Never again handle a dirty tire or lose valuable space in your home! With our easy to use system, Tire Hotel customers receive first in line status for seasonal tire changes and a complete tire analysis to assess the condition of your tires. Tires are a critical component of your vehicle, which is why we offer the best in convenience, care, and safety when dealing with your seasonal tires.

Get your tires away from it all. Trust the tire storage experts! Click here  for a list of Tire Hotel dealers and installers. Winter tires may seem like tricky business to navigate, but it really comes down to you, the driver. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your winter tires:

Install in Sets of 4

Your tires are designed to work as a system, and when tires are installed in pairs or less, this can severely reduce their effectiveness.

No Snow? No Problem

Winter tires are not just for snowy conditions. They are designed for cold temperatures, so even when there is no snow on the ground, winter tires will handle better than all-season tires. All-seasons lose their grip once temperatures hit less than 7 degrees Celsius.

Snow Tires Need A Vacation Too

It is not recommended to keep your snow tires on year-round. Often they are louder than seasonal tires, and the hot pavement can lead to a shortened lifespan. Send them to the Tire Hotel to make sure they get the rest they need to be at their most effective when the winter season returns.

Be Prepared

Get your snow tires early to ensure you can take advantage of great deals and well-stocked inventory.

Check Tread Depth

Tread depth is critical to the effectiveness of your tires. When tread depth is under 5/32s of an inch, it is time to change your winter tires. Tire Hotel checks your tread depth every time your tires come in to ensure your getting the most out of your tires.

M+S Does Not = Winter Tires

Winter tires can be easily identified by icon of a mountain peak with a snowflake in the middle. They should not be confused with tires marked with a �M+S�, also called Mud & Snow tires, as they are a form of all-season tire.

Choose the Tire That's Right for You

With so many choices, choosing the right winter tire can be daunting. Pick one that is right for you based on your driving habits, location, average weather conditions, and the features you want most out of a tire such as traction. There is a good chance your local Tire Hotel dealer has a recommendation for you!

If you still don't think winter tires are right for you, consider that Quebec has seen an 18% drop in road accidents during the winter months since 2008, the year they made it mandatory for all residents to equip their vehicles with winter tires. Specially designed to keep you on the road, snow tires are a great advantage during those cold winter driving months.

Check out these videos for great information on your winter tires!

For more information, contact your nearest dealer using our Dealer Locator!

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